Burnside Steading

This beautiful family home based in a country location was converted by the owners with energy efficiency and comfort in mind.


There was no access to a gas, we were asked to design a whole house using Redwell infrared heating system. This was required to replace the existing oil fired central heating as it was expensive to run and struggled to keep the family home warm.

The family wanted a contemporary and innovative solution to heat their home efficiently whilst maintaining a comfortable ambient temperature. It was possible to consider the room layouts when designing the heating system. The heaters supplied could both wall and ceiling mounted.

Each of the images are taken from recent installations. The above image is an example of the range of heaters that we have to offer.


To the left, the client decided that he wanted to balance the room with two of our Glass heaters at a lower level.

Both of these heaters are available in a range of colours and wattages. They also can be combined with a number of options of thermostats with touchscreen and remote controls to enable you to adjust the temperature of the room from the comfort of your sofa.


We tailor each installation to your room. We will advise you during the quotation what your requirement will be. Click here to see the equation for calculating this.

Recommended Measures

In order to deliver energy efficiency, reliability and a high level of comforting heat to every part of the house, infrared heating panels were chosen for the installation:

  1. Comforting heat: using infrared technology, which heats objects rather than the air, panels would deliver a much greater level of comforting heat.

  2. Installation: with a refurbishment in progress, the panels would be easily integrated in to the current storage heater wiring. Therefore, minimal wiring and reparative work was required.

  3. Reliability: the infrared panels require zero maintenance in comparison to typical convection heaters and boilers since they involve no moving parts.

  4. Repair: In circumstances where maintenance to the property may be required, the panels can simply be unplugged from the wall and plugged back in after repairs.


A number of Infrared heating panels were chosen for the installation:

  • Printed panels in various rooms of the customers choice.

  • Mirrors and Glass panels in the bathrooms.

  • Blackboard heater in the kitchen to keep the family diary. 

  • Ceiling mounted panels in areas where wall space was to be optimised.

The installation was co-ordinated with the main contractor whilst the home was being renovated. New electrical wiring system was installed throughout the property. We planned the positioning of the heaters in advance to allow for all wiring to be fully integrated. Once it was ready to have the Redwell panels installed it took 2 days to install and commission this 4 bedroom family home. 


The family home is now comfortable at all times due to the new innovative infrared heating system. The panels give an unobtrusive and efficient solution that compliments the interior design of this renovation project. Overall, this means that the a significant reduction in energy costs​ has occurred.

Please browse our product range to find out how infrared heating panels could enhance your home.

Infrared heating is the core of Jigsaw Solutions. We believe that we should not be a slave to our home heating systems. Infrared enables us to take back control. We are no longer obliged to place the panels in the same places at the radiators. Our panels can be ideally placed at the same place as a mirror or picture. Or, even on the ceiling.


As with all our quotations we offer tailored packages with a large range of products to suit a variety of applications. We can completely replace your current electric or water based system or add a single heater. Whether this will be a "Grand Design" or a single room, we can offer a quotation service for all our clients needs.

Our team of installers are professional trained and have the correct qualifications to install your new equipment. We also guarantee that we will leave your home spotless.

All our Redwell heaters come with a 10 year warranty.

Recommended Products
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From £55
Customer Feedback
"Our home has been transformed from a draughty old building into a very comfortable family home. We are particularly pleased with the unobtrusive heating system and we can already see big savings in our energy bills."
4 Easy Steps to Installation
  1. Arrange a Quote - Call 0333 0050 227 or email info@solutionsbyjigsaw.co.uk to discuss our products and book a quotation.
  2. Home Survey - One of our survey team will measure your space to advise you on the products which are a suitable fit for your needs. Gathering the information needed to establish how you can improve your heating and lower your energy bills .
  3. Receive your quote - Our surveyor will create a quotation that is bespoke to your home or business. What design suits your needs and costs, the most efficient solution. Pricing which is easy to understand and no hidden costs
  4. Installation - Our professional team of Engineers, Electrician and Decorators will install your new heating system and modernise your home.
After care - We provide continued support, our products come with a full guarantee.


  We are a team of professionals who care about providing an excellent product with a first class finish.

Our goal is to help you modernise your heating system, save you money on your energy bills and add a premium products to your home.  


 At Jigsaw Solutions, we believe that the future of heating your home efficiently will be infrared.


The demand of your heating could be met by combining with solar power. Zero CO2, Zero waste, high efficiency heating. 

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