Invisible, Pleasant & Healthy Heating

Heat Mats

Our heating mats are an entirely new way of heating. It is not just economical, secure, flexible and comfortable – it is also unobtrusive. Constructed of ultra-thin, unobtrusive graphite heating foils it can be installed easily; virtually vanishing under the floor, behind the wallpaper or beneath the ceiling. Conventional heating, taking up lots of space, is a thing of the past, old-technology. Our heating mats will also work if it is cut, ripped, and has holes in. 

Each room is measured for the correct amount of heating mats required. The mats are then connected to a transformer and thermostat.


  •  It is the flexible, the Future of Heating

  •  The Low Cost, High Energy heating solution

  •  Providing Low Voltage Heating from 12 volt to 48 volt, dependent on application, DC or AC

  •  With a Healthy Heat – Far Infrared Rays (FIR)

  •  Providing incredibly rapid warm-up times

  •  Simple insulation

  •  Renewable energy solution – using heat from Solar Panels

  •  Zone each room – for maximum heating cost efficiency

  • Manufactured in the UK

  • 15 year warranty

Benefits over Wire and Pipe Underfloor Heating

Our heat mats can be installed very easily under carpet, flooring and tiles. There is no need to worry about damaging the carbon mat as it is made out of very strong resilient materials which can still work after being ripped (If you can rip it), cut or if someone has put a hole in it. The hole can be quite large and will still continue to function normally.

Wire and Pipe Underfloor Heating

With a wire or piped water based system, the installation needs to be carried out at construction stage and requires a screeded floor to make use of thermal mass. Radiant heat is felt by the user as opposed to the air being heated first. This is particularly good for high ceiling areas where heat is not required above 2m.

Radiant heat is instantaneous, however the floor screed has a lag period therefore in winter months it is advisable to have a setback temperature to maintain screed thermal mass being of a temperature where it can respond to the room if required.

This can add increased running costs. 

There is also a worry on the fragility of the piping or the wire mesh. If the pipe or wire is damaged, the heating will stop working and can cause a hazard or a leak.

Power Savings and Efficiencies

•Mat coverage of 95% of the area with its patented graphite mix.

•In comparison FAR Infrared  and Wire Mats cover 2% to 4% and Carbon Film around 60% coverage. A Infra Red Panel is also on average 2%.

•Due to this, the heating mats saves between 15% to 24% in running costs AND gives a constant consistent temperature.

•The carbon mats use around 70% less energy than wire mats and 55% less that a water based system.

•Infrared temperatures of 18 degree feel the same at 20-21 degrees for a central heating system.

Further savings are possible with a zoned thermostat installation. Each room will have its own control allowing complete independence on heat settings. This also means that you do not have to heat the whole house, just the rooms that you are in or using.


A number of heating mats will be required to heat a room. The mats are then connected to either the 300w or the 1200w power supply and a thermostat to control the room temperature. 


To work the wattage required for each room:

Length x width (of the space) x  by one of the options below

  • 30 for a Passive house

  • 50 for a modern house (2010 onwards)

  • 50 for 1980-2009 (well insulated)

  • 80 for an older house (Good insulation - or conservatory)

  • 100 for an older house (with little insulation - or conservatory)

Jigsaw recommend always adding a little more than required to ensure that your heating demand is met. This will also help with the warm up time.

Health Benefits

As with our other products there are health benefits associated with infrared heating. Our mats are even healthier. Working at lower temperatures allows the IR rays to produce a better feeling.

• IR penetrates the skin deeper providing a warmer feeling.

Better regulation of high blood pressure

• Improved, more stable blood circulation

• Reduced pain and inflammation in dorsal region and muscles, including bronchitis, studs and asthmatic disorders

• Combats colds, general fatigue and/or exhaustion in the body

• Useful in combating inflammation of the ears, throat and nose

• Reduces pain associated with herniated discs, rheumatic diseases and arthritis

• Cuts down cellulite and fat absorption

The Future is Green!


At Jigsaw we are planing for the future. We have high requirements for our infrared heaters. We have ensured that our heaters are optimised to work with photovoltaic and other renewable energy systems.


Key Features & Benefits

  • Simple design requiring no maintenance

  • Efficient to run

  • Delivers fast comfortable radiant heat

  • Controlled by sensors for perfectly distributed warmth

  • Low energy consumption

  • High output low temperature (up to 30C).

  • 15 Year Warranty 

  • Suitable for bathrooms and wet rooms

Quality & Manufacturing


We manufacture our infrared heaters with isolation class 2 and IP35 construction which makes them water-resistant which is perfect for wet rooms and bathrooms. The triple safety element means that there is no chance of overheating. Our heating mats have a 15 year warranty and are manufactured to the following standards in the EU:

  • 2004/108/EC on electromagnetic compatibility

  • 2006/95/EC on low voltage

  • 2002/95/EC on the restrictions of the use of certain hazardous substances

  • CE Certified

  • IP35 rating

  • EN / IEC 60335-1 Safety of Electrical Appliances


Our engineers can install the heat mats in the desired room or rooms. Each room or zone will require a thermostat to control the heating efficiently. 

As part of the full service, we offer complete installation and demonstration of the heaters and decoration of the the area and room to suit your needs. We guarantee that you will be happy with our custom installations.


  We are a team of professionals who care about providing an excellent product with a first class finish.

Our goal is to help you modernise your heating system, save you money on your energy bills and add a premium products to your home.  


 At Jigsaw Solutions, we believe that the future of heating your home efficiently will be infrared.


The demand of your heating could be met by combining with solar power. Zero CO2, Zero waste, high efficiency heating. 

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