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Our heating mats are an entirely new way of heating. It is not just economical, secure, flexible and comfortable – it is also unobtrusive. Constructed of ultra-thin, unobtrusive graphite heating foils it can be installed easily; virtually vanishing under the floor, behind the wallpaper or beneath the ceiling. Conventional heating, taking up lots of space, is a thing of the past, old-technology.


Each room is measured for the correct amount of heating mats required. The mats are then connected to a transformer and thermostat.


  •  It is the flexible, the Future of Heating
  •  The Low Cost, High Energy heating solution
  •  Providing Low Voltage Heating from 12 volt to 48 volt, dependent on application, DC or AC
  •  With a Healthy Heat – Far Infrared Rays (FIR)
  •  Providing incredibly rapid warm-up times
  •  Simple insulation
  •  Renewable energy solution – using heat from Solar Panels
  •  Zone each room – for maximum heating cost efficiency
  • Manufactured in the UK


A number of heating tiles will be required to heat a room. The mats are then connected to either the 300w or the 1200w power supply and a thermostat to control the room temperature. 


To work the wattage required:

Length x width (of the space) x  by one of the options below

  • 30 for a Passive house
  • 50 for a modern house (2010 onwards)
  • 50 for 1980-2009 (well insulated)
  • 80 for an older house (Good insulation - or conservatory)
  • 100 for an older house (with little insulation - or conservatory)


We recommend that 6mm insulation is used below the mats. This will improve the efficiency.


Contact us for a quotation for your home or business and for multi buy options.

NanoTech Heating Mats for Wall, Floor and Ceiling

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    The demand of your heating could be met by combining with solar power. Zero CO2, Zero waste, high efficiency heating. 

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