Jigsaw is proud to add a more efficient way to heat your water.


The Mixergy Smart Cylinder delivers high-performance vented and pressurised stainless steel cylinders that heat with conventional and renewable heat sources, and heat pumps. 


Mixergy hot water tanks offer a highly energy-efficient and cost-effective way to heat water in the home. They are internet-connected and can be operated by an app on your phone or tablet.




Don’t waste energy, time and money heating water you don’t need! 

Unlike conventional hot water tanks which heat all or nothing, Mixergy’s unique top-up technology meets the changing water demands of households and allows you to be savvy with your energy use. 

The benefits of selective heating:


Hot water faster

Save energy 

Save money

Reduced heat losses

Better utilisation of renewables (Solar PV and Heat pumps)


Easy To Use

  • Intelligent control of your hot water
  • Simple to use. Easy to download
  • Download via the App Store or Google Play


Don’t let a cold shower ruin your day!

  • Always know how much hot water is available
  • Boost your tank if and when you need to
  • Change the target hot water temperature to suit your needs
  • Shower happy with the reassurance that your tank can automatically begin re-heating if you use more water than expected
  • Set your tank to maintain between two hot water levels so you never run out


Heat How You Want

  • Schedule your tank to ensure your hot water is ready when you are
  • Specify how much of your tank you want to heat
  • Quickly copy a schedule over to several days
  • Set several heating schedules per day


Machine Learning

Or, let Mixergy do the hard work with our AI Machine learning algorithm to optimise your hot water schedule based on how much water you use day-to-day.

Automatic schedule control can be set in two modes:


  • Standard: A conservative setting to save you money whilst leaving you with enough water for a long shower
  • Economy: Maximise savings but there could be a chance of running out of hot water.


Check your hot water usage

  • See how much hot water you’ve used – name and shame the longest shower user in your household!
  • Mixergy calculates how much energy you’ve used heating your water.
  • Enter your tariff prices for an estimate of how much this has cost you in electricity and gas bills.
  • Mixergy calculates how much energy you’ve used heating your water.
  • Enter your tariff prices for an estimate of how much this has cost you


See our videos page for more information on the Smart cylinders.

Mixergy Smart Hot Water Cylinder

Size Litres
Source (Direct - In cylinder) (Indirect - outside)
Diameter (Slimline 475mm or Standard 545mm)
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