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Building or Extending Your Home or Business?

At Jigsaw Solutions we get asked a lot of questions relating to the technology as a leading manufacturer of smart infrared heating panels. We can answer many of the general questions about infrared heating panels within this section. At Jigsaw Solutions we cater to both domestic and Commercial use. If there are further there are further questions that are not answered here please contact us via our Contact page

SAP Assessment​ (Standard Assessment Procedure)

All new dwellings (Including some extensions, renovations and conversions) require a SAP Assessment to meet Building Regulations.


GOV.UK describes the SAP as the methodology used by the Government to assess and compare the energy and environmental performance of dwellings. Its purpose is to provide accurate and reliable assessments of dwelling energy performances that are needed to underpin energy and environmental policy initiatives. (January 2019)

Discuss your heating plans early with your SAP assessor to ensure you maximise your buildings energy efficiency?

Updated SAP Electric CO2 emissions reduce significantly

Updates are coming to SAP at the end of 2019 which will effect how electric heating is seen in a positive way.


The changes to the electricity related carbon emissions may be the most significant factor – reducing from 0.519 kgCO2/kWh to 0.233 kgCO2/kWh, now only slightly higher than mains gas (0.210). Currently SAP assumes that any electricity used produces 2.4 times the carbon emissions of mains gas – this is because it uses an outdated carbon factor which is not reflective of the current energy mix of the grid. The ‘greening of the grid’ means there is now much more renewable and clean energy online much less coal being burned.

Targets within SAP are currently based on mains gas, so this heavily penalises electric use, and certainly any new builds with all electric heating are incredibly difficult to pass without additional renewable technologies being installed. (January 2019)

Jigsaw Infrared Heating and Efficiency

In the UK, the Government plans to remove fossil fuels from use completely by 2100. Other countries are planning to do this much sooner. Jigsaw are already partnered with solar providers to ensure that we meet this goal much sooner. The renewable energy sources are the future.

The Future is Green!


At Jigsaw we are planning for the future and we believe that it will be a green one. Due to this, we have high requirements for our infrared heaters.


We have ensured that our heaters are optimised to work with photovoltaic (Solar panels) and other renewable energy systems.


Your heating bill could be ZERO with solar power!

Options for Heating

With gas central heating being a thing of the past. More options have come online in the last few years in the form of electric heating. Though these do not compete with infrared heating:

1, Convector heaters and night storage - Poor controllability and heat energy is lost to the air. Which make them inefficient.

2, Underfloor heating (Electric) - Heating a large surface and mass takes a large amount of electricity. Again this lack controllability and is inefficient.

3, Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP's) - Still works on a boiler based and radiator system which is still inefficient and not zoned like infrared. A lot of people rule them out as they can be very costly to install and need to be maintained due to the amount of moving elements. They also need a large amount of space to be installed. The reviews from owners also states that they can struggle to heat when the temperatures are very cold.


Benefits of Infrared

As well as being an efficient way to heat your home, Jigsaw's heaters also have added benefits:

1, Each property has a bespoke design for its heating and customer preference. 

2, They are easy to install, maintenance free and can be installed on the ceiling to free up wall space.

3, They help ease allergens in the house/space - IR does not circulate air, therefore it does not circulate the dust and pollen that is part of the air.

4, Infrared heating has been scientifically proven to help circulation and blood flow.

5, Infrared Heaters reduce moisture in the space. Therefore, our heaters are fantastic at reducing black spot mould and damp. This is especially useful in bathrooms, conservatories, gyms and kitchens.

We have teamed up with Heatmiser to supply our heaters with the latest thermostats and wireless controls. Control your heating from wherever you are with the wifi enabled Hub and your mobile phone or tablet. Simply choose the room and adjust the temperature. EASY! No more wasted energy. The app is available on Android and iOS. See our range of thermostats for more information.

Do Infrared Heating Panels Save Money?

In most cases infrared heating panels can save money. It is important to be realistic and to understand that they might not save money in every situation. Infrared heating has been scientifically proven to be around 30% more efficient than convection based heating. You can find more information and relevant references about that on the Energy Efficiency page. On this page there are calculations provided based on general energy prices.

When all of the various elements are considered and included in an operating cost calculation a good quality, well designed infrared heating panel will be the cheapest option to run to heat your space.


  We are a team of professionals who care about providing an excellent product with a first class finish.

Our goal is to help you modernise your heating system, save you money on your energy bills and add a premium products to your home.  


 At Jigsaw Solutions, we believe that the future of heating your home efficiently will be infrared.


The demand of your heating could be met by combining with solar power. Zero CO2, Zero waste, high efficiency heating. 

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